Who Whacked The Don?
Mafia boss, Tommy “The Tank” Luciano, has been found dead
in his office at the trendy Chicago club, The Flapping Flamingo.
Was it a planned hit by a rival outfit, or someone close to him
trying to cover up a sordid secret?

Suspect List
* Violet Luciano (Tommy’s wife)
* Freddie Fishfingers (Tommy’s right-hand man)
* Martha Luciano (Tommy’s ex-wife)
* Pauly ‘The Kid’ Luciano (Tommy & Martha’s son)
* Sonny Bonello (Mob accountant)
* Kat Bonello (Sonny’s wife)
* Ray Domino (Bartender at The Flapping Flamingo)
* Leonora ‘Mamma’ Luciano (Tommy’s mother)
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Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Parties
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