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Silence of the Bands
Popular rock trio Roadkill is on its sellout US tour in Miami when
disaster strikes. Frontman and lead singer Slider Lynch’s body is
found backstage before the first scheduled performance. Was it
jealousy, greed or revenge that brought an abrupt end to Slider’s life?

Suspect List
* Jet McMillan (Guitarist)
* Zac ‘Hotstix’ Hoskins (Drummer)
* Carla Bowie (Backing vocalist)
* Emmy Sanchez (Slider’s fiance)
* John Valletti (The band’s manager)
* Tanya Cleeves (Stage manager)
* Brandon Mullen (Sound technician)
* Roz Knightley (Crazed fan)
Crack The Case Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Parties
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PLEASE NOTE: These games are fictional and no actual murder takes place.
Due to the nature of the content of the games, they are not suitable for children under the age of 18.

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