Justice for the Juggler
The Bailey Tompson Circus’ star attraction, Juggler Ernesto
Volanti, fails to enter the ring on cue. The next performer
enters and unveils his act - the Wheel of Death - only to find
Ernesto’s lifeless body pinned to the wheel!

Suspect List
* Jean-Luc Lovewell (Ringmaster)
* Bailey Tompson (Lion tamer)
* Dick Dagger (Knife-thrower)
* Bernie ‘The Bullet’ McDuggan (Human Cannonball)
* Phillipa Dunmore ‘Amazing Flip’ (Trapeze artist)
* Fiona ‘Spitfire’ Fury (Fire-eater)
* Delilah Romanes (Snake charmer)
* Mellissa Mills ‘Toby Two-Toes’ (Clown)
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