The Kitty Collection
Cleopatra's Curse
World-renowned explorer and archaeologist, Montana Williams, has just discovered the rare King Tutankhamun Topaz. Soon after, his lifeless body is discovered in his hotel room, and the topaz has disappeared. It seems there is a thief and a killer on the loose!
Who Whacked The Don?
Mafia boss, Tommy “The Tank” Luciano, has been found dead in his office at the trendy Chicago club, The Flapping Flamingo. Was it a planned hit by a rival outfit,
or someone close to him trying to cover up a sordid secret?
Manor Milano Mud Bath Murder
Eight ladies are gathered at Manor Milano spa retreat in the English countryside
to be questioned about the untimely death of one of the guests, Contessa Emila
de Marco. Each lady had a reason for disliking the late Contessa, but who hated her
enough to kill her?
Crack The Case Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Parties
Crack The Case Murder Mystery Party Games
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PLEASE NOTE: These games are fictional and no actual murder takes place.
Due to the nature of the content of the games, they are not suitable for children under the age of 18.

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