Wild West Murder Mystery Party Game
The Good, the Bad… and the DEAD
Arizona, 1881. Cowboy Emmett Dalton and his gang, the Wild
Bunch, ride into the sleepy town of Deadwood. The following
night Emmett is found dead in the saloon. Who was brave
enough to kill one of the Wild West’s most ruthless outlaws?

Suspect List
* Bill Doolin (founding member of the Wild Bunch)
* Calamity Jane (girlfriend of Emmett Dalton)
* Texas Jack (cowboy and actor)
* Poker Alice (gambling legend)
* Perry Owens (Arizona lawman)
* Cattle Kate (cattle rustler and horse thief)
* Standing Bear (Apache Indian chief)
* Soaring Eagle (the chief’s daughter and a tracker)
Crack The Case Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Parties
Murder Mystery Parties
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PLEASE NOTE: These games are fictional and no actual murder takes place.
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