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How to play...

Hosting your own murder mystery party is simple – we supply you with step-by-step instructions in the form of a downloadable .pdf file.

First, assign the characters to your guests. The easiest way to do this is to match each character description with the guest that you feel suits that particular character best.

The next step is to send out the invitations, typing in each participant’s name in the allocated field. Mail these out, and once you have received your RSVP’s, send each guest their individual
Crack The Case Murder Mystery Parties
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Murder Mystery Parties
character file. Guests only need to bring the final page of notes along on the night, as a reminder of what information to reveal at what point in the game.

On the night, guests arrive in character and the game commences as soon as the host (or the person playing the part of Detective) has set the scene and read out the introduction. Then the fun begins! Guests interpret the characters in their own way and can do as little or as much acting as they feel comfortable with. By following the notes, various clues and motives will
be revealed, until it is time to make the final deductions.
A solution is included in the pack revealing who the murderer is and how the murder was committed.